EarthArtists Clay Studio blog, is a photo style journal, recording various clay projects "In Process" and through completion. Clay projects include: CREATING ArtPottery, Functional Clayware and Sculpted Tile Murals; SHARING knowledge as a Certified Teaching Artist; REPAIRING and RECREATING clay, pottery and porcelain keepsakes; LEARNING opportunities and workshops. Please take a look at the continually evolving pages to the right. Thank you for stopping in! Tracy

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Repairs - Before and After

I repair a variety of clay, porcelain, ceramic and ceramic-like pieces.  When all the broken parts are present the repair is done by using marine grade and artist epoxies and putty's, which actually makes the repair stronger then the original piece and able to withstand exterior conditions.
When I receive a repair that has missing parts and/or needs substancial finished strength, I can recreate and sculpt that part using pottery clay that is then fired and attached using the previously stated materials.
The artistry comes in matching the colors, sheen, reflection (and sometimes aging) of the new part(s) or repaired part(s) to the original surfaces.
Please email me a picture of your broken item and i will provide you a no obligation cost estimate.

Precious Moments Birdhouse "In Process"
It was brought in, in about 10 pieces.


Vase/Lamp Before

Vase/Lamp After

3 swans create the base for a glass top table.  The full head had to be recreated
 in pottery clay to match visually and to be able to support the 3/4" glass top.
Below is the close-up.

Parts of the tail and face had to be recreated in pottery clay to visually match
and to withstand the exterior elements.  Fish are installed at the Society of Four Arts Garden.

The vase on the left is a recreation of what was left of
the vase on the right!

Pottery lid - repair in process and the finished piece.
In some instances, it is a saving to the customer to recreate the piece in clay, rather then
repair the piece.  The base of this clown sculpture was crushed with many missing pieces.
I was able to match the size, shape, glaze colors almost perfectly in fired clay.
You can see the new base in process and one of the glaze test tiles in the bottom left picture.

These 3 amphora's sit on a balcony overlooking the ocean.  They are made of soft mexican clay with
a non-fired finish.  I repaired two of them and finished them with protective coatings.
About three years later, the customer brought them back to me, because the on one I did not repair
the surface had corroded and now had to be finished to match the other two.
This was a great test for me to see that the products i have been using now for over 15 years
can stand the test of time and the exterior elements.
I wowed the customer (and myself!) with this repair!
I lost the "finished" picture of this huge ceramic lion, but i just loved this piece
so I included it here!

This was a funky batch of repairs that all seemed to meet on the same couple of weeks....
ceramic Elvis liquor bottle (his head come off), The infant of Prague (plaster), Mermaid in resin,
Art Noveau ceramic sculpture, and a pottery vase.

Removeable art of a larger ceramic sculpture.  Before above, after below.