EarthArtists Clay Studio blog, is a photo style journal, recording various clay projects "In Process" and through completion. Clay projects include: CREATING ArtPottery, Functional Clayware and Sculpted Tile Murals; SHARING knowledge as a Certified Teaching Artist; REPAIRING and RECREATING clay, pottery and porcelain keepsakes; LEARNING opportunities and workshops. Please take a look at the continually evolving pages to the right. Thank you for stopping in! Tracy

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Serenity Shared, Sculpted Tile Mural

July 2010 - The last of the 138 tiles being installed.

North Front Entry Panel, 4 feet tall by 9 Wide

South Front Entry Panel, 4 feet tall by 9 feet wide

South Front Entry Heron Panel, 4 feet tall by 2.25 feet wide

North Front Entry Heron Panel, 4 feet tall by 2.25 feet wide

Check out the "In Process fabrication" pictures of "Serenity Shared" posted between Dec 25th, 2009 and March 10th, 2010.

Installation is now scheduled for the July.  The inset area's have been prepared and are ready.  Just waiting for the contractor to say i may begin!!!

Drawing of the front of Southwinds Golf Clubhouse, where the 130 square feet of sculpted tile mural panels will be installed:

Front of building, under construction:

Wood template panels were installed so the stucco and paint could be applied.  The wood templates have been removed and are waiting for the clay panels.  Walkways have to be poured.  Some more finishing touches have to be completed before the artist installs.