EarthArtists Clay Studio blog, is a photo style journal, recording various clay projects "In Process" and through completion. Clay projects include: CREATING ArtPottery, Functional Clayware and Sculpted Tile Murals; SHARING knowledge as a Certified Teaching Artist; REPAIRING and RECREATING clay, pottery and porcelain keepsakes; LEARNING opportunities and workshops. Please take a look at the continually evolving pages to the right. Thank you for stopping in! Tracy

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Special Orders - Functional pottery and tiles

Here are a variety of special orders I have created specific
to my customers' requests.

This is a boar bank and pendant from the chinese zodiac.

The bottom bowl is the original and the top bowl is my copy.

The following three pictures are clay tiles and home accessories that
were matched to existing wall paper in the home.

Original tile on the left - 30 duplicates created on the right.

Created from a photograph of a wall piece.

Funerary Urn for a beloved pet!

Logo's can be recreated by hand or with digital, fired-on decals.
This one is painted by hand and installed in South Bryant Park, Lake Worth, Florida.

The above photo and the 7 below are a variety of custom clay trophies and awards made for kids and adult
triathlons, tennis tournaments and Barnett Bank.  All are 100% food-safe.

Custom wall piece to match wall paper border.

Fun table in the collection of a family in Stuart, Florida.